3D Dog Bone Project


Knowing the shapes and positions of bones in the dog skeleton is a vital skill for students training to be veterinarians to learn (Bachelor of Veterinary Science). Likewise, dogs are useful models for vertebrate zoology students studying the skeletons of tetrapods (199.212 Vertebrate Zoology). Here we have created a digital teaching resource by 3D scanning bones from a dog skeleton.


The 3D Dog Bone Project is a collaboration between the Institute of Vet, Animal & Biomedical Sciences and the Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences at Massey University, New Zealand.



Left humerus from a dog. A 3D print-ready model is available for download from Sketchfab.


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Where to download

3D print-ready versions of the dog bone models in .obj format are available from Sketchfab.


Models that are currently available for download:

Atlas ● C7  L1  Scapula  Humerus  Radius  Ulna  Hip bone  Femur  Tibia  Fibula


All bones in the digital skeleton are high-fidelity 3D scans that are suitable for use as anatomically-accurate teaching resources. The 3D scan data were collected using an SLS-2 structured light scanner (DAVID Vision Systems) and data were processed 0.2 mm resolution.