Songs from urban tui


Dr Weihong Ji studies many different animals around the world and has a keen interest in tui songs. Tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae), the native honeyeater is well known for its aggressiveness. Tui also possess very complex vocalisations and have a very large repertoire of songs and syllables.


Studying that live in urban Auckland, Dr Ji and her team have recorded over 400 syllables and the list is still growing. You can imagine how many different songs such a large number of syllables can make! The examples here show how the same tui can have different songs and calls. Different tui at the same location also sing differently. Tui from different locations can have unique syllables and  phrases which forms song dialects .  

Research connection

Dr Weihong Ji (Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences) recorded these calls as part of her research into the behaviour of tui.